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Brand: JCB
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The 5CX backhoe is the flagship model of the JCB backhoe loader range, which is quite simply the most efficient in the world.  The JCB Backhoe range is the world’s number one backhoe loader. JCB backhoes offer exceptional resale value based on global market acceptance.

Features include:

ROAD SPEEDS of up to 50km/h (Best in class).

EXCELLENT VISIBILITY and extra height with the use of our unique four stabiliser legs. This quote is in reference to the Wastemaster and is not relevant.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED CONTROLS to minimise operator fatigue.

HYDRAULIC POWER SLIDE makes repositioning effortless, precise and safe.
Repositioning is a must when compacting, picking and sorting.

EFFICENCT DESIGN PHILOSOPHY with class-leading efficiency and low running costs. Our 6 speed auto transmission combined with the lock-up torque convertor reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% when roading.

POWERFUL DIESEL MAX ENGINES produce high power and torque at low revs for great economy.

AVERAGE FUEL SAVINGS of up to 16%, plus lower emissions and noise levels with our EcoRoad, EcoDig and EcoLoad packages.

EXTENDED PERIOD BETWEEN FILL UPS you benefit from a longer, more productive working day.