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We sell JCB tractors. JCB has been building the unique Fastrac tractor since 1991. The result of 25 years of innovation, the current range is the most productive, most versatile, most comfortable and safest series of tractors on the market.

The JCB Fastrac tractor is unique in offering full front and rear suspension for unparalleled ride, comfort and traction. External disc brakes offer excellent heat dissipation and far greater performance than the oil-immersed systems found on conventional tractors, while JCB tractors’ unique full chassis construction is designed for strength, stability and load carrying ability. Our centre-mounted cab reduces any jolts and helps to achieve near-50/50 weight distribution, making the operator more comfortable and more productive.

The bottom line for you is a pure and simple performance advantage. JCB Fastracs can travel smoothly and safely in the field and between fields – at up to 80 kph where laws allow.

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Max Engine Power 175kW

Torque 950Nm

Max Travel Speed 60kph

Call for Price: 08 89473490


Max Engine Power 260kW (348hp)

Torque 1440Nm

Max Travel Speed 70kph

Call for Price: 08 89473490