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ES15 Electric Walkie Stacker

Brand: Baoli
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Baoli ES15 stackers offer a safe, productive, and cost effective solution and improve efficiency in transporting over short distances and stacking or lifting up to 5000 mm. The compact chassis ensures easy and safe operation even in the most confined spaces. The combination of 3-phase AC drive motor and electronic controller ensures maximum efficiency. Product features include:

  • Handler
    Smooth operation of control lever with reverse stop protection switch, offering comfortable driving experience
  • ZAPI controller
    AC system with ZAPI controller ensuring better performance and less maintenance
  • Side Battery
    Side removable battery as standard specification, making operation more convenient.
  • Battery
    Foldable battery cover and built-in charging plug is ergonomic for daily operation.
  • Electronic Steering System
    Improves working efficiency
  • Mast Protection Guard
    Wide view mast with protection griller ensuring both visibility and safety
  • Bolt on Battery
    Convenient for maintenance